Researchers in fisheries science in the School of Resource and Environmental Management collaborate with a wide range of management agencies, including two that are partners in the Cooperative Resource Management Institute (CRMI) at Simon Fraser University. Those partners are the federal department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection (WLAP). The Cooperative Resource Management Institute allows scientific research personnel from management agencies to work side-by-side with SFU researchers. The university benefits from the Cooperative Resource Management Institute through greater concentration of expertise in resource management on campus and new opportunities for multidisciplinary, collaborative, applied research programs. Agencies benefit from engaging SFU researchers in projects that are directly applicable to the agencies’ needs.

The Quantitative Fisheries Research Group is also part of the Canadian Fisheries Research Network. This network is a collaboration of academic institutions and researchers, the fishing industry, and government researchers and managers.