Funding Opportunities

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in fisheries science and management in REM have received funding in the past from several sources. These include:

  • B.C. Ministry of Environment
  • B.C. Fisheries Research Branch
  • B.C. Hydro
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Canada Networks of Centres of Excellence
  • NSERC (the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)
  • The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (San Francisco)

Students have also received support from Simon Fraser University:

  • SFU Graduate Fellowships
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences Graduate Fellowships
  • Abbott-Fretwell Scholarships

The university provides a list of scholarships that REM students may apply for with details on funding and application deadlines. Please note that some scholarships (e.g. NSERC) have deadlines for applying that are up to one year in advance of when you plan to start graduate school.